Northumbrian Blended Feeds

A Fine Local Feed, for Cattle and Sheep

Northumbrian Blended Feeds are traditional coarse mixtures containing only high-quality ingredients designed to bring the best out of livestock. This unique mixture allows farmers to look no further than the North East when seeking their feed.

Available to both members and non members of North East Grains, Northumbrian Blended Feeds are of an exceptionally high quality, competitively priced and readily available.

The blended feed side of the business has been very well received by members, and North East Grains Managing Director Neil Carr, believes this a natural progression for the Company.

The focus is on quality and at no time what so ever is this compromised. Prices are competitive and fixed price contracts are available. Feeds are available in bulk or in half tonne bags either collected or delivery by arrangement.

Our Feeds

Northumberland Blended Feeds produce a range of blended feeds suitable for various animals. The most popular ration being:

Northumbrian High Energy Coarse Mixture – designed as a dual based feed to complement forage based systems to feed either cattle or sheep. It features:

  • 17% Protein
  • 6.25% Fibre
  • 3.0% Oil

The mixture uses rolled barley, rolled beans, rapemeal, sugar beet pellets, molasses, distillers grains, wheatfeed and mineral/vitamins pellets.

All the ingredients in the Northumbrian Blended Feed range are British produced, the majority from Northumberland farms, or are by-products of cereals or oilseeds that are sourced from consumers who are supplied by North East Grains.

The Benefits

Benefits of using Northumbrian Blended Feeds include:

  • Buying regional feed offers complete traceability.
  • Purchasing direct from the producer, there are no added marketing costs.
  • The feeds are fully mineralised so there is no need for additional mineral supplements therefore a cost saving.
  • All feeds are quality assured with UFAS, Universal Feed Assurance Scheme web link here and QMS, Quality Meat Scotland web link here.
  • Bespoke – feeds can be mixed to order and there are also mixtures for farmers who want to make rations using their own cereals that are kept on farm.

North East Grains also supply straight feeding products such as:

  • Rolled Barley
  • Rolled Wheat
  • Caustic soda treated wheat