Livestock Feed

We produce high-quality animal feeds for the cattle, sheep, dairy and pig sector.

We produce straights, coarse blends and meal feeds and can produce bespoke rations. Our products are manufactured from local high-quality grains grown by our membership and stored on site, enabling us to ensure traceability and maintain high quality.

We are constantly improving our production systems and investing in our facilities so that we can continue to offer value and high quality to our customers.

We pride ourselves on our uncompromising high standards, consistency of product and customer care. All feed products are accredited under UFAS.

Our feed products are formulated for the ruminant and pig sectors.

Feeds are available in:

  • tote bags
  • bulk
  • collection or delivery

Feed is available as a spot price and or supply contracts (winter contract).

Please contact our office to discuss our feed products and how we can help your business.

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Livestock Feed Products

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Sheep feeding from a trough

Blended Feeds

Our blended feed products are specifically formulated for ruminate livestock (sheep & cattle). We product a number of blended feeds for all stages of production from breeding to fattening. Our most popular product is our High Energy Coarse Mixture (17% protein) which is designed as a duel based feed to complement forage based systems.
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Caustic Wheat

Our caustic treated wheat feed is a popular choice for the cattle and dairy sector due to its enhanced palatability and nutrients which complements a forage based diet.
Pigs are hand fed with specialist pig feed

Pig Feeds

Our pig feeds range caters to all stage of the pig. We can provide pig feed which is tailored to the specific nutrient requirement and specification of the farm.
Dairy cows, feeding


Our straights feed including; rolled or bruised wheat, barley, oats and beans. We can supply most feed and grain based ingredients.

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